Buff-collared Nightjar – Accepted

1. 08 Jun 1996

SY male

Oxnard VEN



Fig. 332, ph., LACM 109297 McCaskie & San Miguel (1999)








Figure 332. California’s only Buff-collared Nightjar was found in a weakened state on 8 June 1996 in Oxnard, Ventura County. This photograph was taken on 15 June 1996 at the animal rehabilitation center where it lived out its days (1996-120; Don DesJardin).






Buff-collared Nightjar

BUFF-COLLARED NIGHTJAR Caprimulgus ridgwayi (Nelson, 1897)

Accepted: 1 (100%)

Treated in Appendix H: no

Not accepted: 0

CBRC review: all records

Not submitted/reviewed: 0

Color image: none

This species is resident along Mexico’s Pacific slope, from southern Sonora to Oaxaca, and locally south and east to Veracruz and Central America. During spring and summer the range expands north to southeastern Arizona, where breeding is localized and somewhat erratic, and to extreme southwestern New Mexico, where the species is considered casual. The few apparently extralimital records from Arizona involve birds not far from known breeding areas that may have been attempting to nest locally.

A weakened year-old male Buff-collared Nightjar recovered on 8 June 1996 in Oxnard, Ventura County, furnished one of California’s most surprising bird records (Figure 332). This individual was transported to an animal care facility where, despite force-feeding and other efforts, it died on 8 July 1996.